"bFlex is the reason I am able to run my business. I provide rides with bicycles that bFlex takes care for 24/7. Whatever is needed and whatever happens bFlex always jumps in and fixes in no time and no hesitation. He is accountable and provides an impeccable service." 

Suncycling Athens

 Eco-tourism is the fastest growing segment within the industry, while already accounting for 7% of world tourism. Tourists book their holidays based on the green options provided there. Give them the option to discover Athens by bike and get that competitive advantage.

As tourism is seasonal, bFlex is the perfect partner for you. You can increase and decrease the number of bikes depending on the period. In the meantime, we ensure your bikes always work. In the winter period you can stop the subscriptions entirely.




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City Bicycle

€20.20 + VAT

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E Folding-Bike

€47.60 + VAT

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E Kick-Scooter

€39.50 + VAT

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Included with every subscription:

Bike Lock

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