bFlex at the 4th Electric Micro Mobility Forum in Athens

We recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in the 4th Electric Micro Mobility
Forum right here in Athens, Greece, where our startup bFlex is proudly based. This event was
a hub of innovation and collaboration in the micromobility industry, and we were thrilled to
be a part of it.

Networking and New Connections
The forum was a melting pot of industry leaders, innovative startups, and forward-thinking
companies all gathered to share their insights and advancements in electric micro mobility.
At bFlex, our mission is to revolutionize the way people access bicycles and other micro-
mobility solutions. We were excited to network with like-minded individuals and companies,
exchanging ideas and exploring potential collaborations.

Spotlight on bFlex
A highlight for us was having our founder, Robbert van der Meer, invited as a speaker.
Robbert shared the journey of bFlex, from our initial concept to our current position as a
leading all-in-one bicycle marketplace. He discussed the challenges we’ve faced, the
milestones we’ve achieved, and our vision for the future of micromobility.

Insights into the Industry
Robbert’s talk also delved into the broader micromobility industry. He touched on the rapid
advancements in electric mobility solutions, the growing demand for sustainable
transportation options, and how platforms like bFlex are making it easier for people to rent,
subscribe to, or buy their bikes, e-scooters, and kick scooters. The response from the
audience was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing interest in our unique
marketplace model.

Looking Forward
The forum was an inspiring experience for the entire bFlex team. We gained new ideas,
potential partnerships, and a renewed passion for our mission. We’re already looking forward
to next year’s event, eager to see how the industry evolves and to continue our journey in
shaping the future of micromobility.
Thank you to the organizers of the 4th Electric Micro Mobility Forum for creating such a
dynamic and impactful event. Here’s to the future of micromobility!

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