Are there any extra costs?

The monthly subscriptions do not have extra costs. The one time booking fee is 9€ and is paid upon your first booking.

Can I cancel anytime I want?

Of course, our subscriptions are flexible and you can stop any time you wish. You log in to your account with an one time password and then you cancel. Make sure to cancel one day prior the end of your week/month! (watch the video below)

When am I charged for my booking?

You are charged the moment you make the booking and the subscription starts the moment we deliver the vehicle.

Can I change my payment method?

You can change your card by loggin in your profile Account > Settings > Payment Method

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes you can upgrade your subscription any time free of charge. We will then come and change your vehicle. So flexy!

Can I pause my subscription?

You cannot pause your subscription, you can cancel it and then make a new booking when you are ready!

Can I refer my friend and get some sort of coupon?

By referring a friend you get a 5€ discount on your next running subscription month.

Can I take my vehicle outside of Athens?

Yes you can but keep in mind that if anything happens outside of Athens, you will have to repair it locally or bring it back in order for us to come and fix it for you.

Are the vehicles equipped with a GPS tracking system?

The only vehicle that is a equipped with a GPS tracking system is eMoped.

What happens in case of theft?

In case of theft or loss of the subscription, the rental customer is obligated to report this to bFlex within 24 hours, to hand over to bFlex, if applicable, the key to the bicycle or scooter accompanied by a police report. The Rental Customer will owe an excess, which is different for each type of Subscription. The applicable excess for each type of Subscription is included in the terms and conditions. After the aforementioned has been completed, the Rental Customer will receive a replacement bicycle or from bFlex.

Are the bicycles insured against theft?

No unfortunately there is no insurance against theft that happens outside of your home or office available in the Greek market. However, you can look at our additional service if you're worried for theft. Overall it's important to always lock the bike correctly to something stable. And when you don't use the bike for a longer period to keep it inside your home.

What does "additional service" stands for?

By obtaining bFlex’s additional services, a partial coverage, the Rental Customer lowers the deductible in case of theft or total loss of the Bicycle or Scooter. The additional monthly fee will be added to the monthly Subscription costs. In case that the Subscription was agreed under a smaller duration, the corresponding amount will be added. Read thoroughly in Terms and Conditions, paragraph 16.

Can I rent for just one day?

The shortest subscription of bFlex is one week, if you want for a day and want to use our flexy bikes, you can go to our partner Suncycling Athens!

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