bFlex is the embodiment of a circular business. We provide a service, we don’t sell products. bFlex is deeply involved in the product usage phase; by rethinking the conventional producer-consumer relationships, value creation activities and the structure of value chains.

We offer all-inclusive subscriptions to ensure that our flexies are carefree; “we do all the work”, while at the same time prolonging and optimizing the lifetime of our products. We make sure the right care is appropriated to each vehicle. Plus, our services are flexible. If you no longer feel the need to cycle, you want to change the type of bike, you’re moving to another city or country, you can simply stop the subscription. Someone else will be more than happy to use your bike. No need to put it in the storage unused. bFlex is a sharing company. When the end of the lifetime does come, we reuse what we can and the remaining will be recycled.

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far and we can’t wait for what’s next!

CEO & Founder, Robbert van der Meer



bFlex is the first company that brought this green concept in Greece. With bFlex you can try moving around the city with a non pollutive vehicle, without having to buy your own. This way you can change the type of your vehicle any time you want or stop if you have to go away without worrying about safely storing it. Any vehicle owner knows how costly it is to maintain it and the time you have to spent to bring it to your mechanic. With bFlex you will never have to  worry about this because our mechanics will come to your space to fix the vehicle or even replace it. Such a flexible all-inclusive service, will always provide you with a working vehicle in an extremely manageable cost.

So far we have created an original green wave with our community rapidly growing. We have so much more in store. Join the green movement!

CMO, Georgia Bousia





As a software engineer I ought to use the tech tools I have in my hands to evolve and upgrade our lives and help the world be more sustainable. This is needed more than ever.  Being a part of bFlex is a fun challenge for me as I have to combine my tech knowledge with Robbert's vision! We have many exciting things for the best user experience possible, and the only thing I can say is stay tuned!

CTO, Dimitris Perifanis 


 From the moment I discovered bFlex, I was thrilled with the concept! All-inclusive and flexible, what else do you want? I directly booked my bike, the eFolding. During my first ride, I got a huge smile. And it's still there! Amazing to be a part of such an innovative service with a green vision. 

Product Manager, Christofer Salaounis

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