The present document sets forth the terms and conditions, in other words, the rules, for the rental of goods or the use of services provided by the Providers / Partners of the search engine and website located at the web address (hereinafter referred to as "Website" or "Site") by the company FlexThis IKE (hereinafter referred to as "Company" or "FlexThis") with VAT number 802391110.

The Provider undertakes full responsibility for its services and products and acknowledges that the website and FlexThis do not exercise control and do not guarantee the quality, safety, and legality of the products available for rent and bear no liability.


The present agreement concerns the rental from the Provider to the client/renter - as the sole driver - of a specific vehicle (car, motorcycle, electric bicycle, bicycle hereinafter referred to as "vehicle") owned by the Provider along with its components and all equipment, tools, keys, registration plates thereof, and all related documents), exclusively under the terms and conditions herein. In case there are multiple renters of the vehicle, they each jointly and severally assume all obligations towards the provider.

The agreed rental starts from the date mentioned in the order and lasts for as many full days as specified therein. Upon expiration of the said duration, the renter must return the vehicle to the Provider on the specified date and address indicated in the order.

The rental period cannot be less than one twenty-four hour period (1 day). In the case of a minimum duration rental, the renter does not have unlimited use of the vehicle, while the mileage that can be traveled will be determined solely by the Provider. In case of breach of the agreed usage by the renter, the latter must pay the Provider two rents as compensation.

Reservation cancellation and refund of any amount paid can be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled start of the vehicle rental; otherwise, any amount paid is non-refundable.

In the case of renting a car or motorcycle, the renter-driver must be at least twenty-three (23) years old and no older than seventy-five (75) years old, and must hold a driver's license for at least 2 years.

Upon vehicle collection, the renter must present to the Provider his original identification or passport and his tax identification number (if available) in Greece. He must also present his driver's license if it is a car or motorcycle. Citizens of non-EU countries and outside the Vienna Convention must have an international driver's license along with their regular license. The ID or passport number may be recorded and retained by the Provider until the subscription is canceled, and the bike or scooter is returned to the Provider.

Payment Method

Payment for each order is made securely either by using a credit, debit, or prepaid card or by cash on delivery (payment in cash upon delivery of the order).

Method - Time - Shipping Cost

After submitting and processing the order, the product is sent to the User by the Provider's care. The selected product will be at the location indicated by the User when submitting the order and within the timeframe communicated to him. The relevant tax document for each order will either be included in the package or sent electronically to the User.

The daily rental fee of the vehicle for all agreed days is fair, just, and fully corresponds to the rental value of the car as stated in the order.

The daily rental fee covers only those services specifically mentioned in the order.

An additional 24-hour roadside assistance is provided, according to the terms and conditions of the relevant agreement between the Provider and the roadside assistance company. The possibility of replacing the vehicle within 24 hours with another available one, regardless of class and displacement, in case of damage or accident until it is repaired, is subject to the provider's discretion and always in relation to the renter's liability for the damage or accident. The daily rental fee does not include any amount or expense not expressly mentioned herein and in the relevant order, which are solely and entirely borne by the renter and relate to the use of the vehicle, such as fuel costs, tire replacement due to misuse of the car, damage to mirrors and loss of key, any fines and related expenses for violations of the Highway Code or any other legislation, etc.

For the insurance coverage provided by each provider, consult their insurance terms shown in the product page.

Vehicle Ownership:

The vehicle belongs to the Provider before and throughout the duration of the rental. The order concerns a leasing agreement, and the renter acknowledges that they do not have, nor acquire, any other rights beyond those expressly stated in the order. The renter is prohibited from disposing of, granting the use of, or creating any rights over the vehicle for themselves or any third party in any way. The renter is not, and in no case can be considered, a representative or agent of the provider.

Terms of Use:

Only the renter is allowed to drive the vehicle exclusively within the framework of the agreed provisions of the order and the law. In the event of hiding an additional driver, a fine of €100 is imposed. If the renter is a legal entity, the driver(s) using it must be designated by the legal entity and disclosed to the Provider to have insurance coverage and to deliver their driving licenses, where required. If it is found that more people are transported in the vehicle than agreed upon, the vehicle will be taken from the renter, and a fine of €100 will be imposed. The vehicle is prohibited from being used for any other purpose, such as: a) driving by any third party not mentioned in the order without prior written consent - approval of the provider, b) transporting people or goods for a fee, c) subleasing to third parties, d) towing other vehicles, trailers, etc., e) transporting or moving heavy luggage or objects, flammable materials, chemicals, pollutants, or foul-smelling objects, narcotics, weapons, as well as any substances prohibited by law, or materials that in any way may endanger the safety of the car, its occupants, and/or third parties, f) crossing or moving outside Greece, g) driving if the driver is fatigued or under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, narcotics, barbiturates, or any other substance capable of affecting, even minimally, their driving ability, or for any other reason, h) driving in violation of any traffic, customs, or other applicable laws, i) participating in any kind of races (e.g., speed, off-road, etc.), and j) using the car as an instrument for committing criminal or illegal acts, etc. Specifically, the transportation of the vehicle by ship, train, or other means of transport is permitted only with prior written approval from the Provider, and any damages incurred during its transportation are not covered by any insurance but are solely the responsibility of the renter, regardless of their liability, and subject to any exceptions expressly provided in the order. In any case, the renter is obliged to make proper use of the vehicle, follow the instructions on how the vehicle operates, which are provided by the Provider upon delivery, carefully check its mechanical condition, oil and water levels, tire condition and pressure, mirror wear, interior parts of the vehicle, etc., take every reasonable and necessary measure for its smooth and regular operation, lock and secure it using security systems, and take all measures to prevent theft or depreciation of its value for any reason. The renter is prohibited from making any repairs and interventions on the vehicle for any reason without prior written approval from the provider.



The renter must pay a deposit upon ordering. This deposit is collected by FlexThis and remains in its possession until the vehicle is returned. In case the user/customer has complied fully with all transaction terms and returns the vehicle in the condition it was received, the full amount of the deposit is returned to them without interest. If it is found that the user/customer has not fully complied with all transaction terms or does not return the vehicle, or returns the vehicle damaged or defective, then the amount required for the replacement or repair of the vehicle is deducted from the deposit and paid to the provider, and any remaining amount is refunded to the user/customer. If the value of the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the customer will be required to pay the additional amount on the day of their claim. Settlement and return of the deposit are made within 48 hours of the vehicle's return, and payment to the customer's account is completed within 10 days depending on the procedures of the customer's bank, unless there is a written request from the provider for the return of the deposit to them.


Delivery & return of the vehicle:

The provider is responsible for proving that the vehicle was delivered with damages or losses. The provider must photograph the vehicle upon delivery to demonstrate its condition. If the provider discovers damages or faults upon the vehicle's return, they must take photographs of them. Depending on the damages or losses, a portion or the entirety of the deposit will be withheld and attributed to the provider. If there is no photographic material or it is unclear, this works in favor of the customer, and the deposit amount is returned to them. In the event that the vehicle is lost and there is no possibility of taking photographs, providing a statement to the police is sufficient for the deposit amount to be withheld in favor of the provider.


Vehicle delivery & return: The vehicle is delivered to the customer in excellent condition and free from any defects that would render it unsuitable for the desired use. The customer must carefully inspect the vehicle, perform a test drive, and once satisfied, accept it unreservedly. The customer is obliged to return the vehicle to the Provider with any necessary documents (such as registration license) and all related documents, in the same condition it was received, with the same amount of fuel (if used) as when the vehicle was delivered from the provider to the customer, and at the exact place and time specified in the order. If there is a difference in fuel quantity based on the relevant gauge on the vehicle's dashboard upon delivery compared to the quantity it had upon receipt, the customer is responsible and must pay the corresponding amount in euros at the time of vehicle delivery to the provider. No refund is made if the fuel quantity upon vehicle delivery is greater than that which the vehicle had upon receipt. In the event of any delay in delivering the vehicle to the provider without prior notice from the customer, the provider has the right to seek, without further notice, to recover it through legal civil and criminal proceedings, considering the vehicle as stolen or misappropriated, and as uninsured. In any case, the renter is obliged to pay the additional daily rent corresponding to the days of delay in delivering the vehicle, bearing in mind that the minimum rental charge corresponds to 24 hours (1 day). Furthermore, in this case, the provider is entitled to claim any damage suffered due to loss of vehicle utilization and, possibly, consequent general malfunction in the smooth - scheduled rental of provider vehicles.


Violations & fines:

In case of imposing a fine (e.g., due to illegal parking, violation of traffic lights or signs, exceeding the speed limit, etc.) and/or any finding by the competent authorities of administrative offense by the customer, they are obliged to notify the provider upon delivery of the vehicle, and in any case, within 24 hours from the time of detection by the authorities of the offense - violation or/and from the imposition of the fine or/and any other type of penalty, obliged to provide all relevant accurate and true information and to cooperate in every way with the provider in whatever is required for their exemption or the provider's. In any failure of the customer to timely take the aforementioned actions, they are additionally liable for the economic restoration of the provider for any additional positive and negative damage, as well as for any additional burden that the provider will incur due to the customer's fault or due to this negligence. In the event that, for any reason, the provider is charged on behalf of the customer with the total or part of the above expenses, then the provider will invoice the renter for the above amounts, who is obliged to pay the provider on the same day that the latter charged them.


Termination of contract:

If the renter's driving of the vehicle is dangerous, illegal, or in violation of any term of this agreement, the provider has the right to terminate the vehicle rental at any time. Through and by the termination of the rental, the rental of the vehicle is automatically terminated.



In the event of an accident or any other incident (fire, theft, loss, etc.), the renter is obliged to follow the following procedure:


  • Notify the police.
  • Record the names and addresses of eyewitnesses as well as any person involved in the above incidents.
  • Not recognize any claim whatsoever of third parties.
  • Immediately communicate by phone or by any other means with the provider's representatives.
  • Collect all relevant information from any third party as well as any relevant document and evidence (e.g., taking photos, etc.) and send them immediately to the provider.
  • Complete and sign any necessary document, strictly and only upon written instructions from the provider, and generally follow the provider's instructions and orders to the letter.


After being advised by the provider, communicate with the insurance company...


Loss or Damage:

If the vehicle suffers damage or loss while the rental agreement is in effect, the renter is obliged, regardless of fault, to immediately pay the provider, without objection, an amount equal to the value of the repairs, based on the repair shop's estimate of the provider's choice. In case of loss, an amount equal to the current commercial selling value, plus any relevant taxes and the cost of license plates, as compensation for the total loss of use thereof, unless a third party is unquestionably liable, in which case the renter must indicate it. If the contact details of the third party are not provided, the damage will be charged to the renter.

Especially in the case of loss of vehicle keys, for any reason, the customer is obliged to immediately inform the provider in order to dispatch spare keys, without the renter attempting to start the vehicle, while the cost of the new key is borne by the renter based on the relevant receipt from the vehicle dealership that will issue the new keys. In the event that the keys remain locked in the vehicle, for any reason, the renter is obliged to immediately inform the lessor so that the lessor either sends a second spare key or arranges for a locksmith to open the vehicle, with the corresponding cost of key delivery and/or locksmith services borne entirely and exclusively by the renter, based on the relevant receipt.

The renter is obliged to monitor the vehicle and be present during its charging, and to immediately inform the Provider in case of any problem such as fire, etc. The Provider bears no responsibility regarding the ignition of a fire by the battery or charging.

In case of loss or theft of the vehicle, the renter is obliged to report it to the provider within 24 hours and to report this loss or theft to the police as soon as he becomes aware of it.

If the lost or stolen vehicle is recovered or if parts of the bicycle or motorcycle are lost or stolen, the provider will determine the amount that the customer will have to pay based on the condition of the vehicle and any other costs.

If it is proven that the Customer has provided incorrect information that damages the Provider, he will be obliged to pay the Provider an additional charge of 100 euros, in addition to any other compensation.

If the vehicle has been removed by the municipality or the police, the renter will have three days to collect the vehicle from the relevant service. Any expenses for the recovery of the bicycle or other expenses will be borne by the customer.

The user must keep the Bicycle or Motorcycle indoors when not in use at night to reduce the risk of theft; in any case, it must always be locked.

Insurance Coverage:

The provider collects any amounts paid by insurance companies under the relevant contracts in case of occurrence of any insurance risk. The renter is obliged to notify the provider in writing, no later than 24 hours from its occurrence, of any insurance event, regardless of fault. If the customer fails to timely notify the occurrence of such event to the provider, the above insurance coverage does not apply, the provider bears no responsibility, and is entitled to claim against the renter any amount that the provider is required to pay for any reason related to the specific insurance event, also covering any other damage suffered by the provider due to its legal objective liability for the vehicle involved in the accident/incident.


Liability Exemption:

The provider is solely and exclusively liable in case of intent or gross negligence. In all other cases (including slight negligence, fortuitous events, or force majeure), the provider bears absolutely no liability, and no claim can be raised against it. Also, the provider bears absolutely no liability for the loss of items transported in the vehicle or left in it after its delivery to the provider.


Right of Substitution:

This contract and the rights and obligations arising therefrom for the renter are irrevocable in their entirety, in any way and for any reason. The provider is entitled, at its absolute discretion, to substitute the renter in all its rights and obligations arising from the order, to any third natural or legal person, provided that it informs the renter in writing of such substitution.


Personal Data:

In the context of the provider's compliance obligation with the legislative framework for the General Data Protection Regulation, the personal data information disclosed to it with the client's consent is used exclusively for the agreed purposes herein and to comply with the provider's necessary legal obligations, such as drafting the contract, ensuring the tenant's insurance coverage, fulfilling the legal obligations of the parties regarding traffic, police, and administrative checks in general. Possible further use – processing of the client's personal data by the provider may serve the purposes of promoting and advertising the provider's services, such as, indicative ly, sending advertisements via email, telephone, SMS, or by sending materials to the client's address, as well as "customer analysis" for purposes of collective statistical analysis of data and categorization of customers for targeted communication – sending advertising material is possible and permissible exclusively under the condition of the client's acceptance of these terms.

The client has the right to be informed about the processing of personal data, to access the personal data concerning him/her, to request the correction of incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete personal data, to request the deletion of personal data when it is no longer necessary for the provider, or if the processing is illegal, to object to the processing of personal data for commercial promotion purposes or for reasons related to his/her particular situation, to request the restriction of processing of personal data in specific cases, to receive personal data in a machine-readable format and send it to another data controller ("data portability"), to request decisions based on automated processing, which affect him/her significantly, and are based on personal data, to be made by natural persons and not only by computers. To exercise these rights, the client should contact the provider processing the personal data, who in this case is called the "data controller" in...

In the context of providing the Services, we may collect and process further the following personal data, depending on the functionalities used by each client:

Identification details, such as name and general identification details, photograph, date of birth, email, gender. Contact details, such as email address, postal address, phone number, social media accounts. Order details such as order number and date, delivery status, order amount and shipping costs, information regarding any cancellation, change, or return of orders. Payment details such as IBAN and name of the bank account holder (including any relevant evidence), name of the holder, expiry date, and pseudonymized credit card number (in the form of 123456XXXXX7899). We do not have access to the full details of your bank card, as we apply strong security and encryption standards. Information we receive when a product or service evaluation is posted, such as comments, your images, product reviews, and store reviews (including any photos, receipts, and order numbers you send us), satisfaction surveys, questions and answers to them, as well as your comments or suggestions to help us improve (including text messages, audio, and/or video you send us).

Information collected through tools such as cookies and using local storage space, such as your searches on FlexThis with any filters or other sorting/comparison options, the products you view, information about your purchases, purchases you make on the websites of certain partner stores, technical error and security issues related to navigation and transactions, IP address, type and manufacturer of your device, browser type and version, operating system or application version you use, advertising identifiers, and other general statistical information about our users. Voice recording, in limited cases, when communicating with the customer service center. Transaction evidence details (receipts, payments, shipments, returns, cancellations, compensations, etc.) you make through the website, in limited cases of fraud suspicion. The provider is legally obliged to cooperate with the competent authorities to combat specific incidents concerning in particular purchases made through our website/app and deemed suspicious for fraud, unauthorized use, or theft of a bank card, etc.


Violation of Rental Terms:

In any case where the renter violates or attempts to violate any obligation under the rental, or in cases where the information and other elements provided to the provider are inaccurate, the provider is entitled to terminate the rental and seek restitution for any damages incurred due to the aforementioned inaccurate information/elements. In the event of rental termination, the provider is entitled to exercise all its legal rights. The renter may unilaterally terminate the rental before its agreed duration expires, provided that they have fulfilled all obligations under it. The rental may be terminated by the provider in the event of bankruptcy, filing for bankruptcy, cessation of renter payments, questioning of renter's solvency such as in cases of seizure, forced execution, foreclosure, and forced administration of any of its assets.



All terms are considered essential. Any dispute arising from the rental, including disputes regarding its interpretation, falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens. Any violation of any term entails the consequences stated above. Article headings are provided solely for the convenience of the parties and cannot be used for interpreting this document.


By accepting the rental terms on the website, the renter declares that they have read, understood, agreed to, and fully and unconditionally accepted the rental terms included in the terms of use and privacy protection as well as in the terms of this document.


Notices & Announcements:

Any notice or announcement related to this shall be communicated to the addresses of the parties listed in the introduction of this document.


General Safety Tips:

Share the space: Respect those around you by giving space when passing by and follow road rules when on the road.

Drive defensively, assuming others don't see you. Use approved hand signals for turning and stopping.

Always keep front and rear lights on while driving after sunset and in cases of extreme weather conditions or when driving in tunnels.

Wear a helmet: It should fit snugly and comfortably and have two finger widths of space from your eyebrows. If you fall and have a serious impact on your body or head, visit a doctor.

Start slowly: If you've never ridden a bike or motorcycle before, get a feel for it and find your balance before you start riding in traffic.

Have fun: Above all, enjoy being outside and trying something new.


Final Provisions:

The Provider reserves the right to modify or renew these terms of use without prior notice, which shall be effective from the date of their posting on the Website. Users must check for any possible modifications to the terms of use each time and, if they continue to use the services provided, it is presumed unequivocally that they accept the modified terms and grant their consent, agreement, and approval thereof. Otherwise, they must refrain from using the Website's services. 

Except for products and services that constitute the intellectual and industrial property of third parties and thus bear their respective responsibility, the rest of the content of the Website is the intellectual property of the Company.

The failure or delayed exercise by the contracting parties of any of their rights under the rental does not constitute nor can it be construed as a waiver thereof.

Any provision of the above terms found to be contrary to law or invalidated shall automatically cease to be valid, without in any case affecting the validity of the remaining terms.

For any further information regarding the terms of use, do not hesitate to send your inquiry to