Greenify cities

46% of the pollution of cities is coming from traffic.
An issue that we can address very directly.
That’s why we have created such a strong value proposition.
Our flexies are completely carefree and flexible. Plus, with monthly prices from €19 per month, our bicycles are affordable for everyone. It’s never been so easy to go green.
BFlex is the first green mobility-as-a-service provider in Greece.
Our front green tire symbolizes our green ambitions!

Tree Planting

We have supported the reforestation of the TEI campus in Chania. Together with almost 100 volunteering students we have planted 300 trees! Combined, they will absorb 300 tons of CO2 throughout their lifetime, while releasing fresh oxygen.
BFlex is very proud to have participated in such a unique event.

Community spirit

The world is digitalizing, bFlex is a great example.
All our transactions and communications happen online.
That’s why we want to focus on our community spirit as well. Regularly we organize events for our
Recently we planned together with our beloved 
Salachi a Bike&Yoga event.
Where we we cycled to
Flisvos Park and had a yoga session. A great way to meet likeminded people and talk about our passions.
Stay tuned for our next event!