Riding Towards Sustainability: bFlex and 3Quarters Design Join Forces to Tackle Pollution


In the vibrant city of Athens, where the rich history meets modern energy, a groundbreaking collaboration is taking place. bFlex, the innovative bike subscription company, is not just changing the way people move around the city; they are also making strides in addressing environmental concerns beyond transportation pollution. This is made possible through a meaningful partnership with 3Quarters Design, turning used inner tubes into stylish, sustainable backpacks.

Addressing Transportation and Production Pollution:

As we all strive for a greener future, bFlex recognizes that the battle against pollution goes beyond the fumes emitted from traditional vehicles. The production process itself can contribute significantly to environmental degradation. In an effort to combat both transportation and production pollution, bFlex has taken a pioneering step by teaming up with 3Quarters Design.

The bFlex and 3Quarters Design Partnership:

bFlex, already a frontrunner in the sustainable transportation sector, is expanding its impact by repurposing used inner tubes, a byproduct of flat tires from their bike fleet. These discarded inner tubes find a new purpose and life as integral components of 3Quarters Design’s unique and stylish backpacks.

Transforming Waste into Fashion:

3Quarters Design, known for their commitment to sustainability and innovation, has found a creative way to turn waste into fashion. The used inner tubes sourced from bFlex are upcycled into durable, stylish backpacks that not only make a fashion statement but also contribute to a circular economy.

The Unique Appeal of 3Quarters Design Backpacks:

What sets these backpacks apart is not just their eco-friendly origin but also their unique design. Each backpack tells a story of sustainability and reuse, combining functionality with a touch of urban flair. By choosing one of these backpacks, customers become part of the solution, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible future.

The Circular Economy in Action:

This collaboration between bFlex and 3Quarters Design exemplifies the principles of a circular economy. Instead of discarding used inner tubes as waste, they are given a second life, reducing the demand for new materials and minimizing the overall environmental impact.

Joining the Movement:

As a bFlex subscriber, you’re not just choosing a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation; you’re also contributing to a broader mission of sustainability. Consider taking the next step by investing in a 3Quarters Design backpack, turning your daily commute into a statement for a cleaner, greener world.


In the heart of Athens, bFlex and 3Quarters Design are proving that sustainability is not just a buzzword but a tangible commitment to making a positive impact. By addressing both transportation and production pollution, this partnership is a beacon of hope for a future where innovation and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

About bFlex:

bFlex is a bike subscription company based in Athens, dedicated to providing sustainable transportation solutions that go beyond reducing carbon emissions.

About 3Quarters Design:

3Quarters Design is a forward-thinking design company committed to sustainable practices, transforming discarded materials into stylish and eco-friendly products.